Committed to Quality.

Organically produced beer, with unconventionally beautiful brewing methods.

Every beer we brew is hand-crafted with the vision of creativity, starting with an artistic concept, to finishing with an organic product.

If you have had any of our beers you know we like to change things up! Innovation and freedom for our brewers is key, so this list of beers is constantly changing!

Belgian Blonde

ABV 6.17

Super clean taste, with a saison yeast and a perfect balance of classic Northwest hops!

English Pale Ale

ABV 6.0

Might need your bowler hat to drink this one. Top hats acceptable as well.

Farmhouse Saison

ABV 5.0

You’ve just finished a hard day in the field. This is the drink for you.

Pine Tree Saison

ABV 7.6 | IBU 14

This Beer was run through a tree on the hot side to extract pitch. Pine Tree Saison received a gold medal at the Washington Beer Awards. Check out the video on YouTube to see how we made a past batch!


Double IPA W/ Cryo Hops

ABV 8.0 | IBU 90

It’s never easy to choose a favorite hop but this is definitely a worthy contender. Come give it a chance for #1!

Citra-Mosaic Fresh Hop IPA

ABV 6.7

Done in collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops, the grapefruit notes of the Citra hops blend so well with the Mosaic hops.

Sabro Fresh Hop IPA

ABV 6.2

Newer hop variety with hints of coconut. Experience it in this years batch of Fresh Hop Beers!

Simcoe Fresh Hop IPA

ABV 6.4

Early harvest Simcoe variety that has the floral notes come through with strength in this Fresh Hop Beer.

Pahto-Equinot-HBC 522 Triple IPA

ABV 9.3

Green pepper can be tasted in Equinot hops while Pahto brings some more classic floral flavors.  522 meanwhile is a brand new variety that has yet to be named.

Collab: White IPA

ABV 4.9

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Selkirk Abbey on a beer,  and we are both very proud of this latest creation.

Rye Stout

ABV 6.2 | IBU 20

Very well balanced stout with a perfect amount of rye spice on the back end.

Imperial Molasses Porter

ABV 8.6

This beer is well deserving of its name. In fact we doubt the Russian Czar ever had a beer this excellent.

And As Always, More is on the Way!

We're never done brewing

Art is not punctual and is only limited by experience and creativity! We are excited to share forthcoming brews with you here and in the taproom! CHEERS!

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