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Organically produced beer, with unconventionally beautiful brewing methods.

Every beer we brew is hand-crafted with the vision of creativity, starting with an artistic concept, to finishing with an organic product.

If you have had any of our beers you know we like to change things up! Innovation and freedom for our brewers is key, so this list of beers is constantly changing!

Ponderosa Pine Tree Saison

ABV 6.2 IBU 14

This complex yet light organic saison carries funk from beginning to end. Halfway through the boil we ran the hot wart through a ponderosa pine (that we cut the morning of the brew) for 45 minutes. The tree adds light pitch to compliment the pepper and tie all of the flavors together. The beer received a gold medal at the Washington Beer Awards. Check out the video on YouTube to see how we made a past batch!

Citra Simco IPA

ABV 6.2 IBU 74

All that a beer snob needs to know is that this beer is 100% ORGANIC FLOOR MALTED MARIS OTTER!!! Coming in at 6.2%, this beer (punctuated with the citrus and fruit forward aromas) carries the California yeast and grain flavor so beautifully, that one of these is never enough. Easy drinking beer, that takes us back to the basics of why we love IPA’s.

European Pale

ABV 5.7 IBU 54

Finishing with a fresh biscuit malt flavor, this European Pale screams every enjoyable flavor you experience in a European version of a California Common or Steam Beer. All Organic English and Belgian malts (floor malted), followed by the English Dry yeast and all German hops, this touch of Europe really shows the hop profile very well with a refreshing yet complex body.

Smoked Red

ABV 5.0 IBU 44

Those that drink and love amber or red beers, will salivate at the thought of this beer after tasting it. Coming in at 5% abv, this organic beer has smoke on the nose, that immediately dissipates and is replaced by complex, sharp and to the point malt characters. After swallowing, the refreshing beer then goes back to a light smoke finish, just subtle enough to pair with most dishes.

Schwarzbier (Dark Lager)

ABV 6.7 IBU 25

This organic dark lager carries a subtle, beautiful roast, while Stihl clean and crisp to the pallet. Slow and steady production wins the race with these low temperature fermenting beers. After 7.5 weeks of primary fermentation, and 5 weeks of conditioning, this is a wintertime daydream.

HBC 692 Experimental IPA

ABV 6 IBU 67

This single malt beer is a bast back to what made us all love IPAs. As part of the HBC research program, we built a recipe to showcase this experimental hop. Having a dank, floral, and citrusy nose, we blended in some Loral and Simcoe hops to complement the aggressive characteristics of 692. From start to finish, this beer keeps going!

Knotty Sahti

ABV 5.5 IBU 8

The concept of a still beer in the Spokane area is a little risky, but takes us back to the origins of beer as we know it. These beers are non carbonated, and built to showcase all the unique flavors involved. This beer was produced (in Traditional Finnish fashion) in a pine tree Kuurna, with Juniper berries. The most unique aspect is that this beer was fermented with a Norwegian yeast which brings lightly sour components.

Cute Lil' Thang! (Table Beer/Saison)

ABV 4.6 IBU 10.3

Extremely Cute! Extremely Crushable! This style was originally built for the farm workers to enjoy during the blistering heat in the farm fields, and this beer represents just that. From the light straw profile on the tongue to the clean Belgian pale ale finish, this beer is easy to drink down in large amounts. This is a Brewer’s Beer!

There's a Splinter in My Long Johns

ABV 6 IBU 24

A collab with Wood’s Boss & Jagged Mountain in Denver, this beer earned us a Stihl sponsorship! This gorgeous Norwegian Farmhouse Ale was made with a Ponderosa Pine from above Red Rocks Amphitheater in CO. Full of fun funk with the pine notes, it is perfect for warmer weather. Tradition carries that to activate the yeast the brewers must yell at it while it enters the fermentors. After a lot of yelling it went on to be one of the most popular beers  at Collab Fest Denver, earning the cover to the festival magazine.

Coffee Stout

ABV 7.4 IBU 20

This light bodied organic beer is infused with a perfect balance of cold brew coffee. The combination of light rye spice and the texture of cold brew, make this beer a refreshing and enjoyably crushable winter day ale. Perfect substitute for a mid day coffee. There is a Serrano variation available, the coffee being roasted by our own Spokane roaster Mark Camp, at Anvil Coffee. The beans were carefully sourced to work with the heat of the Serrano.

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